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Recruitment of Shinhotaka Ropeway staff

These jobs are worthwhile to impress visiters by expressing charms of nature at Okuhida Onsengo in the foot of the Northern Alps.
Those who love mountains, why don't you work with us at Shin hotaka ropeway?

Item Contents
Kind of job The Shinhotaka Ropeway service staff
・ Ropeway operation staff
・ Shop and restaurant staff 
Duties ・ Station service of Shinhotaka Ropeway and conductor duties
・ Cooking, serving meals and sale 
Location Shinhotaka Ropeway
Shin-Hotaka Onsen, Okuhida-onsengo, Takayama-shi 
Working hours 8:30-17:30 (it varies according to seasons.) 
Holidays Weekly holidays 1-2 days (it varies according to season.) 
Qualification Not required 
Accommodation ・ Equipped with employee dormitory
 ※ Commuting from your home is also recommended.
  (We operate commuter car every day to Takayama city, Kamioka area.) 
Salary <regular staff>
 University graduate 184,500 yen per month
 Junior college graduate 169,500 yen per month
 High-school graduate 167,000 yen per month
<part part-time job>
 Hourly wage 850 yen 
Contact information Shinhotaka Ropeway employment section, Okuhi Kankou Kaihatu Co., Ltd.
Weekdays 9:00-17:45
TEL 0577-33-0517 

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