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Management of personal information
Text, image, illustration, picture, music data, right about all contents (we call "contents" as generic name as follows.) including program released on our website belong to us or the original work author. With personal reproductions of these contents being beyond range accepted by law; cannot use. Act to touch reproduction, modification, reproduction, sale, Copyright Act others law including publication without getting us, consent of the original work author is prohibited.
About trademark
All trademarks in our website and logo, right about business name belong to us or owner of individual rights. It is forbidden using without fair authority without permission unless it is accepted by trademark legal right others law.
About disclaimers
Even if trouble and loss, the damage occur in us by having used about information to place in our website or our website, we do not take responsibility at all. We change constitution, How to get discount, URL of our website and contents without notice or they may delete. In addition, we stop administration of our website or may cancel. this event could be canceled in case of rain. We may change our Terms of Use without notice. this event could be canceled in case of rain.
About verboten
On the use of our website, we will prohibit the following acts.
Act to disturb administration of our website and act to impair.
It is nuisance, disadvantage, act to damage or act with the fear in other users, third parties or us.
Property of other users, third parties or us, act to violate privacy or act with the fear.
Act against public order and morals or act with the fear.
Act to violate law, laws and ordinances or regulations or act with the fear.
In addition, act that we judge to be inappropriate.
About link site
About link from our website, linked website is managed by responsibility of each operator and does not guarantee about the contents at all. In addition, we do not take responsibility even if any trouble and damage occur when we used them. Link does not mean that we recommend linked website and the contents and, also, is not thing meaning that we have special relations between us and linked website.
Privacy Policy
About personal information of customer who heard from by our website input form and email, we manage severely. We disclose to third party or may not provide unless disclosure demand by the judiciary criminal investigation agency was made by regular procedure based on laws and ordinances.
Governing law
About the use of our website and interpretation, application of our terms, we shall be based on Japanese federal law without fate separately.
Please inform of inquiry about the handling of our personal information at the following.
Okuhi Kankou Kaihatu Co., Ltd. plan Management Department
〒506-0053 1-165-1, Showamachi, Takayama-shi
TEL 0577 (33) 0517 FAX 0577 (34) 7101

Privacy policy/privacy policy

We promote protection of personal information by Okuhi Kankou Kaihatu Co., Ltd. (as follows "we") determining the following privacy policy, and building structure of personal information protection, and enforcing recognition and approach of importance of personal information protection on all employees.

Management of personal information
We take necessary measures such as thorough maintenance, employee education of maintenance, regime of security system that we keep personal information of customer the correct and latest state and prevent unauthorized access, loss, damage, manipulation, leak to personal information and we carry out safety measures and perform severe management of personal information.
The use purpose of personal information
We will use personal information that I took from customer for sending of E-mail and information as answer to information for notification and duties from us and question.
Prohibition of disclosure, offer to third party of personal information
We will not disclose personal information to third party unless we manage personal information that I took than customer appropriately and correspond to any of the following.
 1. When there is agreement of customer
   When we disclose for supplier whom we entrust with duties because customer gives service hoped for
 2. When it is necessary to disclose based on laws and ordinances
Safety measures of personal information
We take perfect measures against security for accurate and safe securing of personal information.
Inquiry of the person
When inquiry, correction, deletion of personal information of the person is hoped for, customer copes after checking being the person.
Laws and ordinances, the observance and review of model
We observe Japanese laws and ordinances applied about personal information to hold, other models and review content of this policy appropriately and act for the improvement.

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