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Superb view plan to enjoy time of two PLAN04 couples

Superb view plan to enjoy time of two couples

01Go to the observation deck by only double-decker gondola in Japan !

We leave in No.1 ropeway

Enjoy magnificent view of the Northern Alps in the gondola.
View is different by season such as fresh green, colored leaves and snow.

We leave in No.1 ropeway

Superb view spreads out outside window. nombiriyurarete, skywalk♪

02We arrive in "Nishihotakaguchi Station" ♪ Large panorama 360-degree from observation deck

Spring observation deck

※Spring observation deck

We take a ceremonial photograph against a backdrop of superb view
Perfect shooting spot! With luck including Unkai is valuable; can photograph?
Snowy corridor appears in winter♪

03Appreciate alpine plants in Sengokuenchi Nature Park

Perfect shooting spot! With luck including Unkai is valuable; can photograph?
Autumn state

※Autumn state

The park spreads around Nishihotakaguchi Station.
In walking path through trees of virgin forest,
you can see pretty mountains grass and alpine plant from May to October.

04Appreciate landscape paintings at Nishihotakaguchi Station

We appreciate "paysage contest"

Nishihotakaguchi Station exhibits landscape paintings.
Enjoy paintings by local junior high students.

A lot of works of high quality are displayed.

Oku-hida, Shin-Hotaka were drawn by powerful touch.

05Learn nature of Shin-Hotaka in Shin-Hotaka visitor center

Shinhotaka visitor center Sangakukan

Visiter center is in front of Shirakabadaira Station and has a museum of the Northern Alps.
We hold various events
such as guide walk♪

On seeing picture of mountain, we gather information beforehand

06Bathing unhurried in natural hot spring Kamitakarano-yu Outdoor Baths ♪ We thoroughly enjoy hot spring

Text text

In open-air bath in visitor center, we heal everyday fatigue slowly and are relaxed ♪ In nature, please spend time leisurely.
Value ticket "Refreshing pack" is recommended.

Refreshing pack

This ticket is a value ticket which includes return ticket of ropeway, bathing ticket of hot spring Kamitakarano-yu outdoor bath and 1,500 yen note valid only in ropeway facilities. It costs 3,900 yen.♪

(For detail, clickValue tickets)

07Have lunch comfortable at the restaurant "Alps"

Restaurant "alps"

Enjoy lunch seeing beautiful mountains.
Hoba-miso steak set meal and steak bowl, which are made of Hida beef
Hoba-miso steak set meal and Hida pork Sauce Katsudon♪
Enjoy texture melting in your mouth and rich taste.

Hoba-miso steak set meal, Hida pork Sauce Katsudon

08Appreciate works
  in art gallery "hidanokaze".

The gallery exhibits various art works or industrial objects
of Hida or Northern Alps.

Oku-hida, Shin-Hotaka were drawn by powerful touch.
Text text
Oku-hida, Shin-Hotaka were drawn by powerful touch.

09Get souvenir at Shin-Hotaka Onsen Station shop

Shin-Hotaka Onsen Station Shop corner
Original popular item "Meshinosai" Junmai Ginjo Yari "Yari" Honjyouzou "Hotaka"

Commodities sold only at ropeway shops
are available
such as local sake of Hida and Shinshu wine.

Type of liquor is abundant, too♪


We had relaxing time.
Superb view from 2,156m above sea level was really fascinating.
We felt our hearts were purified by nature of Northen Alps.
We had a fulfilling day
inspired by nature, having delicious lunch and taking an outdoor bath.


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