Shin-Hotaka Onsen, Okuhida-onsengo, Takayama-shi

In Shinhotaka Ropeway which can sense nature bodily seasonally of the Northern Alps, Let alone superb view, there are many beautiful nature, moments when we want to cut.

Through this contest Oku-hida, new discovery of Shin-Hotaka, We want to spread scenery to many people and hold. We wait for much application.


Date summary

The fifth Shinhotaka Ropeway photo contest offer essential point

Theme The best shot you took in Oku-hida
Master    sai Okuhi Kankou Kaihatu Co., Ltd.
Application period From Saturday, October 15, 2016 to Friday, February 10, 2017 As indicated by the postmark on the envelope
Judge Our designated judge and Okuhi Kankou Kaihatu Co., Ltd.
Examination method At first we choose winning work by judge.
We display work winning than Wednesday, March 1, 2017 in ropeway facility and, in addition, we introduce on official Facebook and decide each prize by vote by visitor.
[as for the vote period until from Wednesday, March 1 to 20th Monday]
We announce examination We notify winner directly by about the end of February, 2017.
Each prize announces examination result on our homepage [we plan Monday, March 27]
kaku    Prize The highest award…One point of excellence prize…Three points of Shinhotaka Ropeway prizes…One point
Winning work presents Shinhotaka Ropeway complimentary ticket
Standard of photograph ・It is said that application photograph is only single photograph.
・We mind with color, neither monochrome.
・Size is A4 size, and please apply.
・All the works send the developing or work which they printed out.
About application ・Thing which applicant photographed after April 1, 2015 is best.
・We can apply to two points of one.
・You attach application vote on the backside of work, and send in state that protected work.
 Please note that you cannot take the responsibility about accident and damage of emergency.
・Of the sponsor person concerned cannot apply.
・Please note that you do not return entry under any circumstance.
About winning work ・As soon as, about winning work, we notify of the negative plate (thing which copied original data to CD-R in the case of digital camera),
 You send by date, or send by email. When we do not arrive by date, we are disqualified. (we notify winner of address of destination directly)
・The right to use of winning work belongs to sponsor and may use for our homepage, poster, handbill, brochure.
 Please note that you may process trimming, image including the insertion of letter on this occasion.
It is verge shiteno for application
・Work is unpublished, and announcement planned thing which there is not is best elsewhere.
 After being selected when judge judges that it is double application to other contests or the similar work, it is canceled.
・As responsibility such as violation of right of likeness cannot be due when person subscribes work, please get consent of subject on application by all means.
・We cannot answer inquiry about examination contents of contest.
・We use for administration of this contest about personal information that had you provide on application as far as it is necessary.
 We may not use more than use purpose without agreement of visitor.

Flow of work application

STEP.1 We take photograph and choose.
※We can subscribe for work with digital camera.
STEP.2 We develop photograph or print out.
※Size only as for color of A4 size or the monochromatic single photograph.
We print out application vote.
※When we cannot print out, we can apply even for application vote by own work.
STEP.4 We attach application vote on the backside of work.
STEP.5 We send to work destination.
The end

Work destination, reference

Shin-Hotaka Onsen, Okuhida-onsengo, Takayama-shi
〒508-1421 Okuhida-onsengo, Takayama-shi, Gifu Shin-Hotaka
"Shinhotaka Ropeway photo contest" is addressed
Telephone: 0578-89-2252

The fourth prize-winning work

"Alpine night sky"
The highest award

"Alpine night sky"Hisashi Kawai

"Snow grouse which waits for parent"
Excellent prize

"Snow grouse which waits for parent"Chiharu Nakabayashi

"The sunrise seen from the top of a high mountain"
Excellent prize

"The sunrise seen from the top of a high mountain"Koshimizu Tadahiko

"Footprint of wind"
Excellent prize

"Footprint of wind"Yuki Toyama

"Hotaka ridge in early winter"
Shinhotaka Ropeway special prize

"Hotaka ridge in early winter"Teruo Kojima

"Autumn rock peak"
Shinhotaka Ropeway special prize

"Autumn rock peak"Hiroshi Fujise

"Against blue sky and white snow"
Shinhotaka Ropeway special prize

"Against blue sky and white snow"Akiko Hirai

"Ropeway in mid-autumn"
Shinhotaka Ropeway special prize

"Ropeway in mid-autumn"Shimokawa Yoshiteru

The third prize-winning work

"koku of waking"
The highest award

"koku of waking"Yukihiro Taguchi

"Autumn leaves walk"
Excellent prize

"Autumn leaves walk"Hisashi Kawai

"White skywalk"
Excellent prize

"White skywalk"Kenichi Oka

"The top in cloud"
Excellent prize

"The top in cloud"Koshimizu Tadahiko

"West ear mountain cottage of refreshing breath"
Shinhotaka Ropeway special prize

"West ear mountain cottage of refreshing breath"Norio Ito

The second prize-winning work

"Angels living in west Hotaka"
The highest award

"Angels living in west Hotaka"Yukihiro Taguchi

"Kasagatake which appears in Unkai"
Excellent prize

"Kasagatake which appears in Unkai"Satoru Amano

"The unexplored region mirror flat no break of day"
Excellent prize

"The unexplored region mirror flat no break of day"Hisashi Kawai

"Bridge in cloud"
Excellent prize

"Bridge in cloud"Koshimizu Tadahiko

Shinhotaka Ropeway special prize

"Glaze"Masako Sato

The first prize-winning work

"Autumn leaves of Shin-Hotaka which ropeway and compact camera draw"
The highest award

"Autumn leaves of Shin-Hotaka which ropeway and compact camera draw" Chishima Hiroyuki

At the time of "supreme bliss"
Excellent prize

At the time of "supreme bliss"Masaki Yoshida

"The morning palpitation"
Excellent prize

"The morning palpitation"Koshimizu Tadahiko

"Let's go!"
Excellent prize

"Let's go!"Kuniharu Yamaji

"We run sky"
Shinhotaka Ropeway special prize

"We run sky"Hisashi Kawai

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