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Whole Shinhotaka Ropeway MAP

Shin-Hotaka Onsen Station
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Nishihotakaguchi Station (2,156m above sea level)

Nishihotakaguchi Station (2,156m above sea level)

It is 5-story-above-the-ground station building.
In the 1th-2th floors, in station, the third floor, in Shop, the fourth floor, dining room, the fifth floor become roof observation deck.
Person of wheelchair, please use elevator.

Restroom (possible person with a physical disability), elevator, dispensary (possible the nursing)

SeeSengokuenchi Nature Park

Sengokuenchi Nature Park

The park spreads around Nishihotakaguchi Station. In walk course to close between trees of virgin forest, hang for from May to October
You can see pretty flower of fields and mountains grass and alpine plant. Huge snowy corridor appears in winter.

Snowy corridor

"Snowy corridor" comes up at winter time♪
It is fantastic way such as maze made of snow.

SeeSummer Sancho Station observation deck

Observation deck in the roof of Nishihotakaguchi Station. Such as Mt. Nishihotaka, Yarigatake, Kasagatake
You can see the mountains of the Northern Alps in 360-degree large panorama.

"Nishiho kun comes up in spring summer Sancho Station observation deck Sancho Station observation deck in winter, too"
Sancho Station observation deck

The echo mailbox

The echo mailbox

As thing which is available for the whole year collection and delivery the post in Japanese best place.
When we send picture postcard to memory, how about?

Let's write letter in Hagaki

Eat Takeout
"Cafe Peak' s" (Cafe Peak’s)

Cafe in Sancho Station observation deck entrance. Including thing using bean from Guatemala selected carefully, we provide discerning higher-grade coffee which we pulled. Please enjoy while looking at superb view from observation deck.

"Cafe Peak's" (Cafe Peak’s)

EatCafe, light meal "Mount View cafe'"

Dining room in Nishihotakaguchi Station the fourth floor
Unkai curry and Gakujin set are limited articles only for this store.
Please appreciate.

Cafe, light meal "Mount View cafe'"
Unkai side 800 yen, Unkai udon 800 yen, Unkai curry (Hida beef curry + coffee) 1,080 yen, Gakujin set (mixing rice of ramen + iwakurage) 980 yen

MENU(some extracts)

Beef skewer ・・* 500yen
Gyudon ・・* 780yen
Kei bowl ・・* 930yen
Hida beef croquette ・・* 280yen
Croquette curry ・・* 1,030yen
Grilled ginger bowl ・・* 780yen
Soft and fluffy deep-fried food ・・* 210yen
Hida beef steamed bun ・・* 420yen

※ Commodities change with seasons.
※ Prices include tax.

BuyNishihotakaguchi Station Shop

Climbing bill 430 yen, climbing memory sable 540 yen, iwakurage 650 yen, heavens story (large) 1,080 yen, heavens four seasons (large) 1,080 yen, Unkai rice cake small 700 yen large 1,080 yen
Nishihotakaguchi Station Shop

Souvenir shop in Nishihotakaguchi Station the third floor.
As for the attributive quality to be available only in Sancho Station of 2,156m above sea level,
We have product which is good to souvenir, memento abundantly.
You can purchase cake, picture postcard, folk crafts.

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