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Shin-Hotaka Onsen Station
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Nabedaira Kogen Heights (1,305m above sea level)

Nabedaira Kogen Heights (1,305m above sea level)

Including Shinhotaka visitor center "Sangakukan" (sangakukan),
Hot spring open-air bath flowing constantly from the source, nature trail to be able to enjoy nature, fields and mountains grass garden
Space of healing and experience spreads out.

Ridge Hisomu Koike photo exhibition In session which is dear in the four seasons of the Northern Alps! (no charge for admission)

SeeShinhotaka visitor center
"Sangakukan" (sangakukan)

At museum conveying way of enjoying mountains of the Northern Alps,
We can learn about nature of Oku-hida.
In addition, we hold various events such as guide walk or snow shoes tour.

TEL: 0578-89-2254

Art gallery "hidanokaze" of plateau

Nature promenade
We introduce tree and chicken, animal representing nature of Shin-Hotaka. In promenade which expressed the four seasons, you can see animals in more imminent glance.

Art gallery "hidanokaze" of plateau

Alpen theater
We always show picture which caught seasonal nature by hi-vision from figure and the midsummer of the Northern Alps by aerial photography to the severe winter period. Please enjoy 100 inches of pictures of force by big screen.

Art gallery "hidanokaze" of plateau

Alpen guide
We display three-dimensional model of reduced scale 1/9000 understanding the topography in southern Northern Alps at glance.

Ridge Hisomu Koike photo exhibition In session which is dear in the four seasons of the Northern Alps! (no charge for admission)

SeeRidge that is dear in the four seasons of the Northern Alps
Hisomu Koike photo exhibition In session! (no charge for admission)

We hold Hisomu Koike photo exhibition on the first floor of visitor center basement.
As we display seasonal mountains photograph of scenic beauty,
It is magnificent, and please see powerful Nature at this opportunity.

<Hisomu Koike profile>
In 1938, we are born in treasure village (in current Takayama-shi Takaramachi) in Yoshiki-gun, Gifu.
We inherit the back of father with Nihon University graduation and run sugoroku hut of the Northern Alps, mirror flat hut, wasabi flat hut.
We run Goro Kurobe hut including mountains photograph in earnest from 1988 from about 1965.
On the other hand, we continue shooting around the Mt. sugoroku and announce work in magazine or publication.

HealingNatural hot spring open-air bath of gravity-feed irrigation
"Kamitakara-no-yu(kamitakara no yu)"

It is Kamitakarano-yu Outdoor Baths established by Sangakukan.
In hot spring flowing constantly from the source, there are by for each two according to man and woman.
Because temperature of the source is considerably high, in drinking mountain stream of nature, we coordinate yuon.

※Our hot spring becomes only open-air bath and cannot use soap, shampoo. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

Natural hot spring open-air bath "kamitakara-no-yu(kamitakara no yu)" of gravity-feed irrigation

■Service hours From 9:30 to 15:30 (until Check in at 15:00)
※ There is change by season
■Charge 600 yen for adults 400 yen for children
※ It includes bath tax
■Towel sale Face towel 200 yen bath towel 400 yen

 Nature trail (nature trail)

SeeNature trail
(nature trail)

Nature trail in Nabedaira Kogen Heights is 2.3km long.
In winter, it becomes hiking course using snow shoes.
While taking a walk leisurely in the forest
It is recommended to be refreshed.
We can learn in spite of being pleasure including various plants.

SeeFields and mountains grass garden

It is garden in Around Shirakabadaira station from Nabedairakogen Station. Colorful fields and mountains grass and alpine plant make bloom in green season.
As pass is used in garden, you can enjoy photography that it approaches to striking distance.

Fields and mountains grass garden
Fields and mountains grass garden

Nabedaira Kogen Heights parking lot

It is 2-10 minutes on foot to Shirakabadaira Station. 790 accommodation.
Car 600 yen, bus 2,000 yen (we do business for the snowfall period and cancel)
For information of access to the Nabedaira kogen hights parking lot, visitAccess route (PDF | 347kb).
It does not have restrooms. They are in ropeway stations.
You can use them only in ropeway survice hours.

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