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Shirakabadaira Station

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Shin-Hotaka Onsen Station (1,117m above sea level)

Shirakabadaira Station (1,308m above sea level)

This is twe-story station building.
For transfer from Nabedairakogen Station to Shirakabadaira Station,
We can go to platform of No.2 ropeway directly on exclusive slope,
Wheelchair is available in peace, too.

Restroom (possible person with a physical disability), locker, elevator
790 parking lots

EatRestaurant "alps"

Restaurant on Shirakabadaira Station the second floor.
Miso katsudon using Hida pork and Hida beef curry
Please appreciate with draft beer.
We make reservation in group. (the number of the seats 78)

Restaurant "alps"

MENU(some extracts)

Hida beef Hoba-miso steak set ・・* 1.700yen
Drink station (meal set) ・・* 450(200)yen
Hida pork miso katsudon, sauce katsudon ・・* For each 1,200yen
Hida beef yakiniku bowl ・・* 1,500yen
Hida pork cutlet curry ・・* 1,300yen
18 kinds of vegetable curry ・・* 1000yen
Beef curry ・・* 900yen
Child curry ・・* 700yen
Hida beef meal (noodles set) ・・* 400(300)yen
Takayama ramen ・・* 850yen
Ebiten side, udon ・・* For each 1,000yen
Sansai soba, udon ・・* For each 800yen

※ Commodities change with seasons.
※ Prices include tax.
※ The above price is eating and drinking price in shop.

Hida beef Hoba-miso steak set, Hida pork miso katsudon, Takayama ramen beef curry

Alpine bakerAlpine baker

Bakery shop in Shirakabadaira Station the second floor. We provide bread hot from the oven including croissant.
Popularity is croissant of texture fast most. Do not miss it! Plateau milk is popular, too

Croissant apple pie, bean jam croissant chocolate croissant

Alpine baker

MENU(some extracts)

Croissant ・・* 180yen
Chocolate croissant ・・* 280yen
Bean jam croissant ・・* 280yen
Maple P perception ・・* 280yen
Spinach feta ・・* 300yen
Tomato mozzarella ・・* 300yen
Apple crown ・・* 280yen
Hida beef curry bun ・・* 400yen
Coffee milk cocoa tea with milk ・・* For each 250yen

※ Commodities change with seasons.
※ Prices include tax.
※ The above price is price taking away.

SeeArt gallery "hidanokaze" of plateau

Art gallery "hidanokaze" of plateau

The gallery exhibits various art works or industrial objects
The gallery who introduce various art, crafts.
It is available as art gallery for rent.

EatTakeout panorama

Takeout corners such as light meal or drink.
Croquette using delicious soft serve and Hida beef, curry bun are popular.

※ Commodities change with seasons.

Takeout panorama
Takeout corners such as light meal or drink

Footbath of Shirakabadaira Station

HealFootbath of Shirakabadaira Station

Footbathing that there is in front of the Shirakabadaira Station.
We can be relaxed relaxedly while looking at No.2 ropeway.
It is recommended we purchase products or bread of takeout, and to eat.

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