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Shin-Hotaka Onsen Station

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Shin-Hotaka Onsen Station

Shin-Hotaka Onsen Station (1,117m above sea level)

This is twe-story station building. It is barrier-free.
Lame tourists can move from the entrance to the platform using an elevator and a stair elevator.

Restrooms (One for physically challenged is available.), coin lockers, elevator, hot spring footbath

EatCafe "Kasagatake"

This is a cafe on the first floor of Shin-Hotaka Onsen Station.
Wasabi soft ice cream is popular here.
It serves simple meals as well as soft drinks.
It is a good waiting place to meet someone. (35 seats)

Cafe "Kasagatake"

Beef sinew ramen, black ramen, Shin-Hotaka ramen, wasabi software, Hida beef croquette

MENU(some extracts)

Hida beef croquette ・・* 280yen
Curry and rice ・・* 780yen
Beef rice ・・* 400yen
Beef sinew ramen ・・* 890yen
Sansai udon ・・* 730yen
Sansai soba ・・* 730yen
Black ramen ・・* 780yen
Minced meat cutlet ・・* 400yen

※ Commodities change with seasons.
※ Prices include tax.

BuyShin-Hotaka onsen station shop

We have abundant local gourmet, local sake which are recommended to product to be able to buy only here, attributive quality and souvenir. As for a lot of pin batches!
Shin-Hotaka onsen station shop

We have a lot of Shin-Hotaka ropeway limited commodities,
and local specialties of North Alps.
We specially recommend "Meshinosai" made of Judas's ear, which many customers buy repeatedly.

※ Commodities change with seasons.

EatStall "Oku-hida"

This is a take out shop
selling skewered beef, beef bun and so on.
It has footbath in front where you can eat footbathing.

※ Commodities change with seasons.

Stall "Oku-hida"

Popular hot spring boiled egg that taste was concentrated, grilled gondola, Hida beef steamed bun

HealingFootbath of Shin-Hotaka Onsen Station

This is in front of stall "Oku-hida".
You can enjoy warm water coming directly from a hot-spring source.

Footbath of Shin-Hotaka Onsen Station

Shin-Hotaka Onsen parking lot

It takes 1-5 minutes on foot to No.1 ropeway station. 230 accommodation.
Car 500 yen ..., bus 2,000 yen
It does not have restrooms. They are in ropeway stations.
You can use them only in ropeway survice hours.

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