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Basic information

Do you have regular holidays? Do you have seasonal holidays?
We do not have regular holidays. And we operate throughout the year.
However, we have several holidays for maintenance.
May operation of ropeway be suspended?
It may be suspended due to strong wind.
For more information of operation status, visitOur top page.
Is Wi-Fi available?
No, it is not.
It will be available in the future depending on regional communications infrastructure.


Please tell average temperature of each month of Nishihotakaguchi station observation deck and temperature difference with Shin-Hotaka onsen Station.
For information of average temperature by month, visitList of monthly mean temperature.
100m difference in elevation causes 0.6 degrees Celsius difference in temperature.
Temperature at Nishihotakaguchi Station is about 6-10 degrees Celsius lower than that at Shinhotaka onsen Station.

About clothes, the equipment, pet barrier-free


Tell me how to get by car from Takayama city area. How long does it take?
Go in the direction of Hirayu area. You will come here by National highway No. 158, National highway No. 471 and prefectural road Route 475.
It takes about 70 minutes. For more information, visit Access | by car.
Please tell things to be careful of when going by car in winter.
Studless tyres are necessary. Note the speed because the road may be icy.
It may snow from the middle of November to the beginning of April.

Parking lot

Can large vehicles such as campers use all parking lots?
No, they can not.
Ask our parking staff to show where to park.
Are wheelchairs available?
They are available at Shin-Hotaka Onsen Station and Shirakabadaira Station for free. Note that there are limited numbers.
When I climb a mountain, can I use parking lot?
You should park in the municipal parking lot No.2
or other parking lot exclusively for mountaineers.
Parking on the road is strictly prohibited.


Can I take ropeway with pet?
No, you can not.

About clothes, the equipment, pet barrier-free

Are guide dogs not allowed to take ropeway, either.?
Guide dogs certified by law are allowed to take ropeway. We sincerely ask for the understanding and cooperation of visiters.

About clothes, the equipment, pet barrier-free

Do you have any riding restriction by age or disease?
No, we do not.
Note that atmospheric pressure changes rapidly because you move to high place in a short time.


Where are restrooms?
They are at each station of ropeway and the visitor center. Note that
the restroom of Nishihotakaguchi Station may be closed depending on water supply in winter.
Can I go from Shin-Hotaka Onsen Station to Nishihotakaguchi Station on a wheelchair?
Using elevator and slope,
you can go to Nishihotakaguchi Station on a wheelchair.
Ask our staff when your wheelchair can not be in our elevater.
Do you have diaper changing tables and nursing rooms for babies?
Shin-Hotaka Onsen Station, Shirakabadaira Station and Nishihotakaguchi Station have diaper changing tables.
Use the locker room on the ground floor of the Visiter center or the relief room at Nishihotakaguchi Station to suckle your baby.
Do not hesitate to ask our staff.

Souvenir, meal

Can I get souvenirs I forgot to buy?
Can I get your commodities by mail order?
Only cash-on-delivery is available for mail order.
Contact Shinhotaka Ropeway (TEL: +81-578-89-2252).
Can you arrange meal for my allergic reaction?
We will do as much as we can. Please feel free to ask us.


We cannot imagine what is good to wear at Nishihotakaguchi station.
Tell seasonal suitable clothes.
In Nishihotakaguchi station, you may feel colder than expected because of high altitude.
For more information, visitSeasonal clothe and equipment.


We found rare plants. May I gather them?
Our facility is located in Chubu Sangaku National Park.
You are not allowed to gather plants to preserve nature.

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