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[Nabedaira Kogen Heights] Feel the world of virgin snow Among snow shoes half day tour reservation Check in at!

The date: 2018.12.22 ... 2019. 03.31

Visit the plain of silvery white with snow shoes on. Snowshoe tour is highly recommended as an ideal way to get an amazing experience in snowy Shinhotaka. Please discover the new world by hiking in snow. Our guide of visitor center show you the plains of silvery white. Bring yourself because wear, spats, gloves and other equipments are available.
[Dates] From Saturday, December 22, 2018 to the end of March, 2019 ※There is change by the situation of the snow.
Place: Meeting place is Sangakukan.
[fee] Adult 4,000 yen, Child 2,900 yen (Including wear and equipments)
Adult 3,500 yen, Child 2,400 yen (Including equipments)
Adult 2,000 yen, Child 1,400 yen (Without wear and equipments)
[schedule] Morning show From 9:30 to 12:00, Afternoon tour From 1:00 to 3:30
[meeting place] Shinhotaka visitor center
[Maximum participants] 12 (Canceled when less than 2)
[reservation] Shinhotaka visitor center 0578-89-2254

October 07, 2018 08:59

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