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[Shinhotaka visitor center event information] Ticket of No.2 ropeway included! Nishiho, Maruyama trekking tour

The date: 2017.07.15 ... 2017.10.15

Round-trip trekking from Nishihotakaguchi station to Nishiho Maruyama via Nishiho moutain cottage♪

Go up beyond forest line, and be surrounded by mountains of the Alps. Please enjoy the Alpen mood.

Altitude of Nishiho Maruyama is 2,452m, but you walk up only 300m because ropeway takes you to 2,156m above sea level.

You will climb relatively easily in one day and enjoy magnificent view (depending on climatic condition) beyond forest line. This is recommended event for mountain climbing beginners.

A Shinhotaka visitor center staff guides you.


From 8:15 to 8:30 Check in at Shinhotaka visitor center

We move by ropeway (Shirakabadaira Station - Nishihotakaguchi Station)

Trekking (Nishihotakaguchi Station - Nishiho mountain cottage)

Trekking (Nishiho mountain cottage - Nishiho Maruyama - Nishiho mountain cottage)

Lunch (Nishiho mountain cottage Nishiho ramen is recommended)

Trekking (Nishiho mountain cottage - Nishihotakaguchi Station)

Goal (Nishihotakaguchi Station)

The time required: Approximately six hours

[Eligible participants]

Women from Junior high school student to 70 years old

(more than two people to ten running capacity)


Of 6500 yen per person (we include premium, No.2 ropeway)


・Person coming by car come to Nabehira parking lot (approximately 3 minutes on foot from visitor center)

・Please make a reservation beforehand by all means (reservation impossibility on that day)

・We may do notification of running cancellation after reservation establishment by weather.

・Presentation of report of mountain climbing is necessary.

[inquiry, reservation]

Shinhotaka visitor center 0578-89-2254


July 13, 2017 16:26

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