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Recommended shooting point MAP

※Do not take pictures from prohibited area.

Superb view 1

Magnificent scenery of the Northern Alps from Nishihotakaguchi Station observation deck

It is superb view given two stars by Michelin.

Magnificent scenery of the Northern Alps
Superb view proud of to the world

Superb view 2

Autumn sunset ropeway

Scene which lets the sky and cloud and the face of the mountain shine bright evening glow from the car window and observation deck of No.2 ropeway gondola from the beginning of November to the middle with rapture.

Magnificent scenery of the Northern Alps

Superb view

Northern Alps from nature trail of Nabedaira Kogen Heights Nature trails of Nabedaira Kogen Heights has view points of mountains.

  • 3Kasagatake

  • 4Yarigatake

  • 5Mt.Yakedake


Pleasant 6

Double-decker gondola with colored leaves

In autumn beside maple tree
in front of visiter center,
you can photograph gondola with colored leaves.

Double-decker gondola with colored leaves

Pleasant 7

Winter scenery from Nabedaira Kogen Heights

Snow shoes tour is available and snow shoes enables you to get to the place which you usually can not get to.
You can see what you usually can not see,
such as "kumadana" where bears ate food and as "the pore funguses" which do not move an inch even if you sit on.

Winter scenery from Nabedaira Kogen Heights
Scene which we cannot usually see

Pleasant 8

※We are not carrying out now

The backside of Shinhotaka Ropeway attending backyard tour in summer vacation

We hold "backyard tour" in summer vacation. In motive for action part and machine room, the cab to move ropeway to,
Big pulleys look powerful, when they are winding up wire.

Motive for action part and machine room to move ropeway to
We observe Place which cannot usually enter

Pleasant 9

Gondola from various points

On the course of nature trail of Nabedaira Kogen Heights,
There is a place where you can look at No.1 ropeway from right under.

We can see No.1 ropeway from right under

Pleasant 10

Removal work of snow and ice
by our staff

Our staff removes snow and ice from steel towers in winter The sight may freeze you up.

Snow by the Maintenance Division staff, state of the removal work of ice

Pleasant 11

Rising gondola

From Nabedaira Kogen Heights
you can photograph rising gondola rises with Kasagatake for a background.

Gondola rises backed by Kasagatake
Pleasant 12

Colony of anemone in Nabedaira Kogen Heights

You can see anemone in full bloom around the end of May.

Anemone that one side is in full glory

Rare natural phenomenon

  • 13Sea of cloud

    Sea of cloud
  • 14Brocken specter

    Brocken specter
  • 15Ladderof angel

    Ladder (ladder) of angel

Taking a ceremonial photograph

Photographing spots
for memories of your visit

Nishiho kun

16Nishiho kun

"Nishiho kun" comes up in winter on Nishihotakaguchi Observation deck..
You can take pictures with Nishiho kun against Mt. Nishihotaka.

Snow field

17Snow field

Snow field comes up around winter Shirakabadaira Station. "Tubing course" of the staff production is established, and how about slipping state when we take a ceremonial photograph?

Snowy corridor

18Snowy corridor

"Snowy corridor" appears outside winter Nishihotakaguchi Station.
The hight of snowy wall could be more than 4m.

The echo mailbox

19The echo mailbox

Nishihotakaguchi Station observation deck has a "echo mailbox" which is at the highest place in Japan. How about taking pictures with Mt. Nishihotaka for a background?

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