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Special plan for nearby residents Exclusively for residents in Hida area, Toyama city and Matsumoto city! Discount of ropeway ticket

June 01, 2018 11:56

Ropeway tickets are discounted for nearby residents. Do not miss it.
 From Friday, June 1, 2018 to 30th Saturday
[Eligible visitors]
 Person who lives in Hida area (Takayama-shi, Hida-shi, Gero-shi, Shirakawa-mura), Toyama-shi, Matsumoto-shi
[How to get discount]
 Show a document showing your address at a ticket counter.
[Discounted fare]
Round trip of both No.1 and No.2 ropweays (with shopping ticket for 500 yen)
・2900 yen for adults → 2,000 yen
・Primary schoolchild 1,450 yen → 1,000 yen
 ※Return ticket of only No.2 ropeway costs the same price.

※Any other discount can not be applied together.
※Only return ticket including No.2 ropeway can be discounted.

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